First Aid and CPR can be seen as dry subjects, a mandatory task you do when you need to be certified for work. In reality, it is an essential skill that no one regrets having. Safe T Kit allows users to see that First Aid and CPR can be fun while also showing how normal it is to be in need of it in everyday life, and therefore how important it is to know.


Safe T Kit is a learning package that uses AR technology to teach users in their own homes. It begins with the purchase of the Safe Tee, a t-shirt with a special design that comes with a free download for the Safe T Kit app. The app has a learn and play option upon opening. The learn section can read the design on the tee and AR body parts appear and allow users to learn about the body and how it works. The play section allows users to take it into the real world, with AR tech notifying them when someone is in need of First Aid near by. The user can hold up their phone, see the virtual person and attempt to help them out.


People aren't prone to take First Aid if it isn't a work requirement. Create a revenue generating product that teaches people about first aid.